Default window sizes

I think it would be great if applications could save a default size for their main windows. Whenever you launch the app or open a new window, the new window would have that size instead of the dimension it was the last time.

UI prototypeThis should come as standard for every app built on top of Cocoa and be accessible for the user through the menu item Window > Make Default Size.

What would be the benefits of that? (Aside from easily startled people like me, who would rejoice that window sizes don’t haphazardly change anymore.)

  1. Web browsers – Safari in particular – offer an annoying feature that allows web pages to resize a window that they just opened. It’s not only annoying because it throws users off when suddenly a huge window appears but because when you close this unsolicited window and immediately open a new one, it will be much bigger (or smaller) than what the user expected.
  2. When switching between screen resolutions – which happens mostly after connecting the computer to a projector – windows are resized so they can fit on the smaller screen. After disconnecting the projector, all open windows should go back to their former size, a.k.a. their default size.

Since – as mentioned above – this would have to be a standard feature of the OS (and that’s not likely to happen), maybe developers can be encouraged to add that nicety on their own. Some apps – e.g., TextEdit and Terminal – already have it built in and other apps could follow suit.