Rosenbauer extensions

I created a couple of TYPO3 extensions for Rosenbauer – a major fire vehicle manufacturer – in order to link their website to their Microsoft SharePoint portal.

  • A plugin that displays a newsletter archive with filter functionality, along with a service that allows fetching subscribers from and adding new subscribers to a Mailworx newsletter system via SOAP.
  • A back-end module that automatically synchronizes the TYPO3 data repository with Rosenbauer’s SharePoint database via SOAP. Lots of configuration options ensure that the module can be maintained without the help of a developer. SharePoint documents are regularly downloaded into the TYPO3 fileadmin, as well. When a document is deleted from the SharePoint server, it will be taken offline from the website, too, and a notification e-mail is sent. The data and files provided by this module are used by the following extensions.
  • A plugin that uses Google Maps to show all company locations, retailers and service partners, as well as a list view of these entries with a multi-step filter.
  • A plugin that displays a sidebar widget with the thumbnail, caption, size and link of a SharePoint document, using only the SharePoint URL of the file.
  • A list of all currently available SharePoint documents with filter and search capabilities.
  • A list of open positions at Rosenbauer Group with links to the respective job application forms.
  • A list of training courses with filter and search functionality, along with a course registration form; a double opt-in process is used to obtain confirmation from the users.
  • A background service that keeps confirmed course registrations in sync with the SharePoint database, so the number of available seats can be shown with every course.

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