Notification bars

Why do the developers of Firefox think it’s a good idea to display a notification bar to inform the user that a pop-up window has been blocked?

Firefox: Pop-up notification bar
This is almost as annoying as the pop-up itself would’ve been!
It just forces the user to close the notification bar, which we can absolutely live without in 90% of the cases.

Meanwhile, Apple’s Safari doesn’t even bother to tell the user about blocked pop-ups because – let’s face it – web developers who think they can get away with this practice in the age of pop-up blockers, deserve to be shunned by web browsers.

Google Chrome: "Pop-up blocked" notificationGoogle Chrome has a very polite, yet meaningful way of informing users about pop-ups.

Chrome scores several usability points here, because it also allows us to disable the pop-up blocker for specific web sites.

A word about pop-under ads

They should be forbidden! (There is a special place in hell for developers who implement them.)

Seriously, why do browsers even allow windows to be made inactive on purpose or to be moved around? If a web app needs a pop-up for technical reasons, why would there be a scenario in which the user doesn’t need to interact with that window? undoubtedly is one of the worst features of the JavaScript DOM.