Are Today Widgets a step back?

As nice as the redesigned Notification Center of OS X Yosemite looks, its rather unimaginatively called Today Widgets seem to remove a lot of the usability and functionality that made the Dashboard great, for the sake of a cleaner UI.

I won’t even go into any details here, since in this case, I’m all for simplification; plus, most of the functionality that Dashboard offered was wasted on me anyway.

Here’s what frustrates me, though: I’ve had this strange problem that the Notification Center at some point decided to stop remembering the order of the widgets I put in the Today section. Somebody had that exact same problem, so I’ve tried a few things, which finally helped and I’ve shared that solution on StackExchange*… Just shy of two months later, I have the same problem again, i.e., I have to reorder the widgets after logging in. (Because in the real world we can just – you know – put things where we want them, so why not in the digital world?)

P.S.: I realize, this is a prime example of a “first world problem” but if a company can afford to hire the best programmers in the world, a bug like this shouldn’t happen in the first place.

* Ask Different answer